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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:55 am 

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Posting Rules General Guidelines:
  • This TCEA Forum is a location to discuss rules/gameplay/activities specifically relating to the TCEA LEGO Mindstorms Challenge. Any discussions that do not further this intent are strictly prohibited.
  • This TCEA Forum is not a general "playground" or "chat room" - this Forum is for serious discussion about the TCEA LEGO Mindsorms Challenge. Idle conversation or chatter will be deleted at the moderator's discretion.
  • Please be respectful of others when posting, please only post when necessary; users who are subscribed to the forums will receive notifications when new content is posted or threads are answered. Please only post when you're expecting feedback or when the person you're responding to is asking for feedback (and when answering your feedback should further the discussion in a positive way).
  • Please respect the time investment in reading through the posts on the forum and verify whether or not your question has already been answered before asking a new question - it is annoying and disrespectful of everyone's time when the same question is asked multiple times in different threads. It's understood this can't always be helped, but please do your best to minimize this.
  • This Forum is designed to be used by Students, Sponsors, and anyone else specifically looking for clarification or insight into rules/strategies/etc. Please be gracious in your communication.
    When posting questions, please make sure the subject relates to the question being asked. The subject line will grab the attention of others if they have similar questions, and makes the question easier to look up later. The subject line should not simply state, "Question" or "Answer Please" - for example if you're asking about the robot starting size, the subject should state, "Rule 5.0.3 - Robot Starting Size".
  • When posting questions referencing the rules, please refer specifically to the rule(s) in question. Great pains were made to label each rule - this should make them easy to find and reference, and year to year rules change, so it's important to make sure we're all referencing the same information. Also, please try to refrain from stating, "the rules say we can...", instead specify, "Rule 4.3.4 states ...". From year to year you may find those rules say (or don't say) what you thought they should say.

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Board index » 2014-15 Area Robotics (Do Not Use) » 2014-15 Area Arena

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